How To Recover From A Corrupt Registry Branch

by [Published on 29 Dec. 2010 / Last Updated on 31 Oct. 2009]

This article explains how you can recover from a corrupted registry branch.

A registry entry or branch may be corrupted because of mis-configuration or virus attack. There are various to recover from this. However, the easiest way I have found is mentioned below:

Let's say a registry key on domain controller; HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services has been corrupted. Its not opening or contains mis-configured values. You can use the below mentioned methods to recover from this:

Method 1 - Use NTBackup in DSRM Mode to restore System State Backup on problematic domain controller.

Method 2 - Copy the registry branch from a working Domain Controller of the same domain.


  • Open Registry Editor on a working domain controller of that domain.
  • Navigate the above registry location > Right Click on Services and export and save it as Services.REG.
  • Go to probalematic Domain Controller.
  • Copy Services.REG to C:\ or Desktop of Domain Controller.
  • Finally, double click on it.
  • Restart problematic Domain Controller.


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