How To Browse NTDS.DIT Offline

by [Published on 22 Jan. 2009 / Last Updated on 13 Oct. 2008]

This article shows how you can browse the NTDS.DIT (Active Directory database file) offline by using the DSAMIN command in Windows Server 2008.

In Windows Server 2008, you can mount the backup image and then load it using the DSAMIN command line utility to browse the data offline. This is how you do to browse the Active Directory data offline:


Type the following commands in a sequence

  • Ntdsutil snapshot at command prompt
  • List All
  • Mount 1
  • Open another command prompt, type:

dsamin -dbpath C:\$SNAP__VOLUMEC$\Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit -ldapport 5000

  • Launch LDP.exe
  • Click Connection > Connect
  • Change the Port to 5000 and Click Ok
  • Click View > Tree


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