Deploying WDS Image on 64-bit hardware

by [Published on 10 Nov. 2010 / Last Updated on 11 Nov. 2010]

This article explains a problem with WDS Image on 64-bit computers.

The WDS Image can be deployed easily on 32-bit hardware and without any issues. The client computers have 32-bit hardware can easily locate WDS Server and pull the image from WDS Server but client computers having 64-bit hardware cannot locate WDS Server and thus cannot pull the image. The support for 64-bit computers must be enabled on the WDS Server.

To enable support for 64-bit computers, run the following commands on the WDS Server:

Go to command prompt with elevated privileges on WDS Server:

Wdsutil /set-server /architecturediscovery:yes

The above command enables support for 64-bit hardware on WDS Servers. The WDS Client which runs on Windows client computers is able to discover the 64-bit hardware after you run the above command.


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