Service Records of Domain Controller used by Various Services and Components

by [Published on 3 Dec. 2008 / Last Updated on 22 Sept. 2008]

This article explains what all components or Services use the SRV records of domain controller.

SRV records play an important role in an Active Directory Domain. A DC can not function without it's Service Records. The following services or Windows Components use the SRV records:

  • AD Replication
  • When replicating information to other domain controllers. DSA always queries the domain controllers using SRV Query. 
  • Group Policy
  • Winlogon Service pulls the list of GPOs from the domain controller. To find the domain controller it looks for SRV records in the domain zone.
  • Client Authentication
  • Client finds the domain controller with the help of DNS Server by querying DC's SRV record in the DNS Domain Zone.
  • AD Management Tools
  • Active Directory Users and Computers, Active Directory Domains and Trusts, Active Directory Sites and Services and other AD Tools always query the DNS server to find the domain controller.  
  • Group Policy Editor (Gpedit.msc)
  • By default, Gpedit.msc uses the PDC to edit the Group Policy. It queries the DNS Server to find the IP Address of the PDC.  
  • Third-party applications
  • Any third-party application query DNS to find the domain controller.


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