A Quick Tip To Place Authenticating DC In DFS Referral List

by [Published on 8 Oct. 2009 / Last Updated on 29 April 2009]

This article explains a registry entry which can be used to place the authenticating domain controller on top of the DFS Referral list.

The DFS Referral list is returned to the client when a client computer asks for the DFS Referral of the SYSVOL Share. The authenticating Domain Controller is ordered randomly in the list. To make sure the authenticating Domain Controller is returned first to the user or place the authenticating Domain Controller at the top of the DFS Referral list, you need to modify the following registry entry:

  • KEY NAME: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dfs
  • Entry Name: PreferLogonDC
  • Type: DWORD
  • Value: 1


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