A Quick Tip To Fix DC SRVs in Active Directory Domain

by [Published on 2 Dec. 2008 / Last Updated on 19 Sept. 2008]

This article explains how you can use few simple commands to fix the SRV records of a Domain Controller in an Active Directory Domain.

Domain Controllers register their Service Records, usually called SRV records, in the Primary Domain Zone of the DNS Server. These SRV records are registered at the time of promoting a member server to domain controller. These records are fetched by the client computers and various applications to find the KDC Service or the Domain Controller for authentication purpose. The client will not be able to log on to the computer or it will take long time if SRV records of a domain controller are missing.

To fix the SRV records, you can use one of the following methods described below:

  • Import SRV records from C:\SystemRoot\Config\NetLogon.dns file.
  • Restart NetLogon Service on the domain controller
  • Run DCDiag /Fix
  • Run NetDiag /Fix

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