Active Directory

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  1. How To Check If A PSO Has Been Applied To A User Or Group

    Checking users' password policies in Windows Server 2008 domain... Read More

  2. How To Use DsQuery To Find All The Domain Controllers In The Domain or Forest?

    This article explains DsQuery commands which you can use to find all the domain controllers... Read More

  3. How does Windows Server 2008 resolve Domain Controller Load Balancing problems

    This article discusses a new Group Policy setting which solves the Load Balancing issues with the domain controllers... Read More

  4. Introducing the Read-Only Domain Controller

    A new Windows Server 2008 feature that is drawing great praise is the introduction of the Read-Only Domain Controller. Let’s look at what this means to you... Read More

  5. Linking GPOs across forests

    Some tips concerning linking Group Policy Objects across Active Directory forests... Read More

  6. MaximumPasswordAge DisablePasswordChange On Client Computers

    This article explains how a domain client computer changes its password with the domain controller... Read More

  7. Migrating ADM Files to the New ADMX Format

    The new Group Policy ADMX format is XML-based and provides a myriad of enhancements. Here we look at how to migrate old ADM files to this new format... Read More

  8. Multiple PSOs To One User?

    This article explains the conflict which arise when multiple PSOs are applied to a user... Read More

  9. Preparing an Existing Domain for a Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller

    Implementing a Windows Server 2008 domain controller in your already existing Windows Server 2003 domain requires a bit of prep work. Here is what needs to be done... Read More

  10. Prevent Accidental Object Deletion in Active Directory

    If you work with Active Directory long enough, chances are that you will accidentally delete something you shouldn’t. Windows Server 2008 puts a new feature in place to prevent this from happening... Read More

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