Active Directory

Last Updated on 6 April 2016, Total: 51 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. MaximumPasswordAge DisablePasswordChange On Client Computers

    This article explains how a domain client computer changes its password with the domain controller... Read More

  2. What Is Offline Domain Join?

    This article explains a new feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 called "Offline Domain Join". This article applies to Windows Server 2008 R2 only... Read More

  3. A Quick Tip To Place Authenticating DC In DFS Referral List

    This article explains a registry entry which can be used to place the authenticating domain controller on top of the DFS Referral list... Read More

  4. A Quick Tip To Alter Default Behaviour Of GlobalNameZones

    This article explains how you can change the default behaviour of GlobalNameZone zone... Read More

  5. A Quick Tip To Check The Backup Status Of Each NC In Active Directory Forest

    This article shows how you can see the backup status of each Naming Context in Active Directory using command line tool... Read More

  6. How To Use DsQuery To Find All The Domain Controllers In The Domain or Forest?

    This article explains DsQuery commands which you can use to find all the domain controllers... Read More

  7. Domain Controller Options Not Supported By RODC

    This article explains the DC Options which are not supported by a RODC... Read More

  8. Group Policy Offers New Functionality in Windows Server 2008

    This article explains the improvements to the Group Policy in Windows Server 2008... Read More

  9. Fine Grained Password Policies Facts

    This article lists some facts about the FGPP... Read More

  10. DS Auditing in Windows Server 2008

    This article explains the new functionality offered by auditing in Windows Server 2008... Read More

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