Active Directory

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  1. A Quick Tip To Prevent Registration Of A and GC Records For Domain Controllers

    This article explains how you can prevent NetLogon service from registering A record for Domain Name and Global Catalog... Read More

  2. Functions Of NetLogon Service On Domain Controllers

    This article explains the functions of NetLogon Service on domain controllers... Read More

  3. What Are The Two Things Required To Recover From AD Disaster?

    This article explains the two important things required to recover from AD Disaster... Read More

  4. Group Policy Objects and Gpotool.EXE

    This article explains how you can use Gpotool.exe to check the sync problem with Group Policy Objects... Read More

  5. Group Policy Processing At Client Computers

    This article explains how Group Policy processing happens at the client computers... Read More

  6. A Quick Tip To Check For Morphed Folders In An Active Directory Forest

    This article explains how you can check for morphed folders in an Active Directory forest... Read More

  7. Allowing Shortcuts When Using Software Restriction Policies

    In its default configuration, software restriction policies will not allow programs to be executed by means of shortcuts. Here is how we can allow this and still maintain the security SRP offers... Read More

  8. What Is Offline Domain Join?

    This article explains a new feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 called "Offline Domain Join". This article applies to Windows Server 2008 R2 only... Read More

  9. MaximumPasswordAge DisablePasswordChange On Client Computers

    This article explains how a domain client computer changes its password with the domain controller... Read More

  10. A Quick Tip To Check If DCs Can Register Records With DNS Dynamically

    This article explains a registry key which you can query to know if DCs are using Dynamic DNS protocol to register records with DNS Servers... Read More

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