Active Directory

Last Updated on 9 Aug. 2016, Total: 52 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Unintended Consequences of Server Hardening

    A tip about some unintended consequences of server hardening and how the issue was resolved... Read More

  2. Verifying Adprep

    A tip on how to verify whether Adprep has extended your forest's schema... Read More

  3. ADMT Migration and Network Ports

    This tip explains the network ports which you need to open for ADMT to work properly... Read More

  4. ROSP and FGPP

    A tip on how to view the Resultant Set Of Policy for Fine-Grained Password Policies... Read More

  5. Linking GPOs across forests

    Some tips concerning linking Group Policy Objects across Active Directory forests... Read More

  6. Folder Redirection and Group Policy

    Why does any change to a Folder Redirection policy require that users log off and then log on again before the policy change takes effect?... Read More

  7. Forcing Server 2008 Domain Controller Demotion

    When forcing the demotion of a domain controller in Windows Server 2003 there was a caveat that limited your ability to perform this action. This tip explains the caveat and its removal in Server 2008... Read More

  8. A Quick Tip To Change KCC Interval

    This article explains how you can change the KCC Interval on Windows Domain Controllers... Read More

  9. Prevent Accidental Object Deletion in Active Directory

    If you work with Active Directory long enough, chances are that you will accidentally delete something you shouldn’t. Windows Server 2008 puts a new feature in place to prevent this from happening... Read More

  10. A Quick Tip To Prevent NetLogon Service From Registering SRV and Domain Records

    This article explains how you can use a registry hack to prevent NetLogon from registering SRV, CNAME and Domain DNS Records in the DNS Server... Read More

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