Windows Server 2008

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  1. A Quick Tip To Disable "Initial Configuration Tasks List"

    This article explains how you can disable the Initial Configuration Task List at logon... Read More

  2. A Quick Tip To Enable Terminal Services Access For Previous Versions of Windows

    Allow previous versions of Windows to access Windows Server 2008 Server Core using Terminal Services... Read More

  3. A Quick Tip To Find The Security Updates On Server Core

    This article shows a quick command you can use to find the security updates on server core... Read More

  4. A Quick Tip To Fix DC SRVs in Active Directory Domain

    This article explains how you can use few simple commands to fix the SRV records of a Domain Controller in an Active Directory Domain... Read More

  5. A Quick Tip To Get A List Of Security Groups A User Belongs To

    This article explains a quick tip you can use to get the list of Security Groups a user or users belong/s to... Read More

  6. A Quick Tip To Get List Of RODC Administrators

    This article explains the registry key which contains the list of RODC Administrators. This article applies only to Windows Server 2008 RODC... Read More

  7. A Quick Tip To Get Members Of Security Groups

    This article explains a command which you can use to get the members of security group or security groups mentioned in a text file... Read More

  8. A Quick Tip To Install Windows Server Backup On Multiple Computers

    This article explains how you can use ServerManagerCMD, a command line tool, to install Windows Server Backup feature on multiple Computers... Read More

  9. A Quick Tip To Make Sure FRS Is Working In A Domain

    This article explains a small mechanism you can use to make sure FRS is working... Read More

  10. A Quick Tip To Modify Logon Rights On Multiple Computers

    This article explains a simple command you can use to modify the "Log On Locally" rights on all the server remotely... Read More

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