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  1. The Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Console Switch...Or Lack Thereof

    After a terminal services platform upgrade to Windows Server 2008, you may be shocked to find that the console switch is no longer an option when connecting to the terminal server. Where did it go?... Read More

  2. Enable Remote Desktop for Server Core

    One of the first tasks you may want to do on Windows Server 2008 Server core is to enable remote desktop. Here is how to do it... Read More

  3. Changing Permissions on Objects in Exchange

    Changing permissions on objects in Exchange is not available without a little bit of tweaking. This article will show how to do that... Read More

  4. What is the difference between a Role and a Feature when customizing your Windows 2008 Server?

    Have you ever gone to install something in Windows 2008 Server and you are given the choice between installing a role or a feature? Which do you choose? Let's find out... Read More

  5. Why is there no CLI Telnet in Windows Server 2008?

    Like me, I am sure you are used to running telnet in Windows. it isn't there anymore in Windows Server 2008. Find out what to do in this article... Read More

  6. What happened to NTBACKUP in Window Server 2008?

    In Windows 2000 and 2003, ntbackup is a well-known application. In Windows 2008 Server, you won't find it. What do you do?... Read More

  7. What is RemoteApp for Windows Server 2008?

    A very cool new feature included with Windows Server 2008 is Termnial Server's RemoteApp. Let's find out how this can help you!... Read More

  8. How do you connect to multiple remote desktops all at the same time with Windows Server 2008?

    Try out the new Windows Server 2008 tool to connect to ultiple remote desktops all at the same time!... Read More

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