CD Rom Autorun

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

NT supports autorun when you put a CD in the CDROM. To disable autoplay, set Autorun=0 to enable, set Autorun=1 . If Autorun is enabled, you can disable the feature for a particular CD by holding down the shift key as you close the CDRom drawer. Cut and paste the following Windows NT / Windows 2000 registry hack script text into autocdrom.reg file and run it:



There is a potential downside to Autorun. In the background, NT / W2K / XP are constantly querying the CD / DVD drive whether anything new has been inserted. For high performance games, this can cause hiccups, unexplained pauses. Just turn it off if you suspect this is your problem. If registry hacks are not your cup of tea, see if you can access this property from the Control Panel.

  • Click System Icon
  • Click Device tab
  • Open CD / DVD drive
  • Right-click drive name
  • Click Properties
  • Click Settings tab
  • Unclick "Auto Insert Notification"

You may have to use the Policy Manager but that may be as risky and unfamiliar as registry editing.

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