Last Updated on 20 April 2004, Total: 10 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Change batch files default editor

  2. Control whether Windows converts filenames and folders to lowercase

  3. Enable Rename and/or Delete option to Inbox icon right-click context menu.

  4. Prevent open or minimized applications from restarting at reboot

  5. Registry Tip : How to Disable NTs Welcome Screen for All Users

    How to Disable NTs Welcome Screen for All Users... Read More

  6. Registry Tip : Restrict Floppy Drive to Console User

  7. Registry Tip : Restrict remote access to floppy drive

  8. Remove New item from Windows NT right-click menu

  9. Restrict access to Application and System event logs

  10. Restrict programs that can be run in Windows NT / Windows 2000

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