Last Updated on 28 Feb. 2005, Total: 74 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Hide Network Neighborhood icon and prevent Explorer from network access

  2. Registry Tip : TCP Forwarding Buffer Patch

    The TCP forwarding buffer used to route packets between interfaces can consume all available kernel memory in NT 4 SP4... Read More

  3. Remove/Restore Dial-up Networking Icon

  4. Stop RAS connections from closing when logging off

  5. Registry Tip : Keep Connected

    Keep dormant network connections from being disconnected. Problem with Lotus Notes Clients... Read More

  6. RAS auditing

  7. Gopher log file duration

    How often are gopher log files rewritten... Read More

  8. Enabling PPP Logging

  9. Windows NT Network session timeout

  10. Increase redirector network performance

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