Registry Tips

Last Updated on 15 June 2006, Total: 296 Knowledge Base Tips

3 Audit
6 Command Shell
14 Customization
20 DC and DNS
9 Disable
2 Event Logs
12 Hardware
1 Hide
7 IE and Explorer
6 Logon
79 Miscellaneous
74 Network
4 Password
11 Print
19 Registry
10 Restriction
3 Shutdown
16 Utilities
  1. Disable the Network Control Panel

  2. Force NT to display hidden .shs extension

  3. Desktop Restrictions

  4. Registry Tip : User Cannot Log On to LAN Because of RAS Logon Failures

    User Cannot Log On to LAN Because of RAS Logon Failures... Read More

  5. Enable Rename and/or Delete option to Inbox icon right-click context menu.

  6. Move or Recreate Microsoft Mail PostOffice

    Move or Recreate Microsoft Mail PostOffice... Read More

  7. Registry Tip : "Registry Service Subkey Already Exists" When Adding NetBEUI

    Registry Service Subkey Already Exists When Adding NetBEUI due to incomplete or corrupt installation... Read More

  8. Registry Tip : FTP Admin email address

    FTP admin email address... Read More

  9. NT Contains File System Tunneling Capabilities

  10. Toolbar Registry Setting

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