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6 Command Shell
14 Customization
20 DC and DNS
9 Disable
2 Event Logs
12 Hardware
1 Hide
7 IE and Explorer
6 Logon
79 Miscellaneous
74 Network
4 Password
11 Print
19 Registry
10 Restriction
3 Shutdown
16 Utilities
  1. MultifunctionAdapter

    NT Registry for PCI adapters... Read More

  2. MultifunctionAdapter\\0 (PCI)

    NT Registry for PCI adapters... Read More

  3. MultifunctionAdapter\\2\\DiskController

    NT Registry for diskcontroller adapters... Read More

  4. Startup parameters for the NT Server service

  5. DNS AddressAnswerLimit

    Lets you limit the number of A records returned for a DNS query... Read More

  6. Compress NTs Registry

  7. Cursor Size

  8. Multiple Entries in the Same Host in Zone File Cause Memory Leak in Dnsadmin.exe

    DNS system displays stating that there is not enough memory to get all the records... Read More

  9. CD Rom Autorun

  10. Dr Watson

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