Troubleshooting RPC problems

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

Many RPC problems are caused by slow links. RPC connectivity can be confirmed by RPCping.exe. See Q167260. Remote access using Netview, Regedt32, User Manager for Domains and Server Manager for Domains use RPC communications. For troubleshooting tips beyond connecting with the above RPC-based tools, see Q177446 The remote procedure call (RPC) Ping tool may not work when the Run with Security option is selected.

Razor RPC Tools
The RPC tools package contains three separate tools for obtaining information from a system that is running RPC services. rpcdump allows you to dump the contents of the endpoint mapper database. ifids is similar to rpcdump but allows you to query a single RPC server and can even allow you to query an RPC server which is not listed in the endpoint map obtained with rpcdump above. walksam is a tool which allows you to dump the information of each user found within the SAM database via Named Pipes or using the additional protocol sequences used by Windows 2000 domain controllers. rpcdump, ifids, and walksam are demostration programs from the Null Session and MSRPC concepts discussed at BlackHat Windows 2000.

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