Last Updated on 20 April 2004, Total: 13 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Create a User-Defined Service, Srvany.exe

  2. Create a registered Windows NT service out of applications

  3. Delay starting a service until the services it depends on are started

  4. Gateway Services for Netware GSNW

  5. Overview of MacPrint Services for Windows NT Server

  6. Passing Environment Variables to Applications started by Srvany.exe

  7. Securely allow non-admins to start/stop NT services

  8. Services for Macintosh SFM

  9. Stop / Start / Pause Services Remotely

  10. Troubleshooting Srvany using CMD.EXE

  11. Windows NT Service Account Manager

  12. Windows NT Services for UNIX

  13. Windows NT service running in LocalSystem account context

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