How to install a network printer only once for all users of the NT workstation.

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

You have a shared workstations in a lab or library and you want all users of the workstation to have access to the same networked printer. Opps! You find that network printers definitions are stored in the user profiles. How do you install a network printer only once for all users of the NT workstation? You can't unless you cheat. The trick to the solution is that local printers are available to all users who login to the workstation. So How do you install a neetworked printer as a local printer?

  • From Add Printer Wizard, Add Printer
  • Select My Computer
  • Click Next
  • Click Add Port
  • Select Local Port
  • Click New Port
  • Enter the Printer Share information \\ServerName\PrintSharename
  • Click OK
  • Click Close
  • Click Next
  • Select Printer Type
  • Click Next
  • Select set as Default
  • Click Next
  • Leave printer selected as NOT SHARED and click Next
  • Click Finish

This will point the "Local Port" to the networked Printer and all users that log into the workstation will have access to the printer because all "Local" printers are setup for All Users configuration.

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