How to Enable Profile Quotas in Windows NT 4.0

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

Windows NT SP4 adds the ability to set a disk space size quota on user profiles. It is managed with system policy editor. You can set the maximum profile size and have a choice of message when the profile reaches maximu. Its valuable if you have implement user profiles and they are consuming inordinate space. It does put the burden on the user given that that user can not logoff if the user profile quota is exceeded. Rapid growth in user profile is very likely if your users use Internet Explorer. You need to train your users to delete the Temporary Internet Files folder through the Internet Explorer Internet Options dialog box.

To enable profile quotas:

  • In System Policy Editor, load the templates Common.adm and Winnt.adm
  • Create a new policy.
  • Open Default User, and then expand Windows NT User Profiles
  • Select Limit Profile Size and set your Custom Message when profile size is exceeded and set Maximum Profile Size.
The default max profile size is 30MB. Experiment with what works for your users. Remember that a user can not logoff if the user profile quota is exceeded. They have to clear up enough space to get below the quota.

Taken from Microsoft kb article Q185561

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