FTP Resources

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

I will use this page for FTP resources.
  • Crytal FTP
    • Top awarded FTP client for Microsoft Windows
    • Drag'n'drop user interface with XP theme support
    • Easy to get started with for first time FTP users
    • Superior tools for the advanced FTP administrator
    • Lightning fast file transfers and folder browsing

  • Turbo FTP
    • Support secure FTP file transfer protected with SSL(Secure Socket Layer, including implicit/explicit SSL) and TLS(Transport Layer Security).
    • Task Scheduler to schedule file transfer or even to schedule automated folder synchronization.
    • Folder Synchronizer provides visual comparison of local and FTP directory structures, helps you synchronize, clone files and directories with minimum efforts.
    • S/Key (MD4, MD5) password encryption.
    • Strong interruption and stall protection - Auto Dial, Auto Reconnect and broken transfer resume.
    • One-click access to any folder with bookmarks Bookmark your favorite directories when you are browsing a remote site.
    • Report total size and number of files in a directory and all its subdirectories.
    • Ability to transfer files larger than 4 Gb.
    • Easy and powerful file filtering A powerful way to keep you concentrated on files of interest!
    • Connection Wizard for absolute novice!
    • Recursively delete remote directory without entering each individual sub-directory manually.
    • Speed limits reserve bandwidth for other traffic.
    • Firewall support including SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5.

  • FTP Navigator
    gives Internet users the ability to quickly upload, download, delete and rename files; to create and to delete directories on an FTP - server. The program lets you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories.

  • FTP Control
    a family of three Windows 98/95/NT4 programs that makes it easy to move files across the Internet, Intranet, or network. FTP Control Lite supports the basic functions required to upload files to the Internet, including server profiles, FTP browsing and file transfers. FTP Control Pro adds the ability to resume broken links or aborted transfers, bookmarks, MRU and proxy support, remote commands and attribute settings, plus a queuing system that allows you to specify a collection of files to be transfered in unattended mode. FTP Control Power allows direct file transfers between two remote servers, multiple simultaneous open FTP connections and sessions, and support for .ZIP file compression, as well as scrambling and encryption of files. It also lets you create scripts to perform complex file transfers, schedule them for attended or unattended operations, and even turn the scripts into executable files that can be distributed to others, and run on machines that don't have FTP Control Power. The program includes a Scripting Wizard and 60 sample scripts.
  • SmartFTP
    • Windows XP / IE like user interface
    • XP Theme Support
    • Drag & Drop within internal windows and from Explorer
    • Multi Connections (remote and local)
    • FXP support
    • Transfer Queue
      • Sheduling
      • Uploads/Downloads/FXP
      • Up to 16 simultaneous threads
      • Ultra-Fast-Queue-Directory-Contents-Speed-Feature
    • FTPSearch Interface
    • Favorites as used in IE
    • Global History
    • Recursive Downloads / Uploads / Deletes
    • Resume for broken Transfers (ul/dl/fxp)
    • Background Transfers
    • Proxy / Firewall support
    • SOCKS5, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A (MS Proxy)
    • Wingate, Winproxy, CSM
    • Passive Transfer Mode (PASV)
    • Bands
    • Local Folder Browser, Transfer Queue
    • Commandline for manually entering direct commands
    • Active Log Control and Logging to File
    • Quick / Recent Folders

  • Timed FTP
    Freeware utility to transfer files continuously with a time interval that user can set. Use to transfer, for example, webcam-pictures to your internet-server. Timed FTP can also determine if the file is changed and it will be uploaded only then.
  • FTPEditor
    Edit files directly on FTP servers as if they would be on your local hard drive. FTPEditor is an FTP client combined with a multi-document editor that allows you to edit remote files as if they were on your local hard drive.

  • Surge FTP server (Oct 2001)
  • Stellar-X freeware TFTP client / server (July 2001)
  • Secure FTP
    Secure FTP is a client package that allows for a secure connection to be made to an FTP daemon. Supports connecting via SSL.

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