DIRUSE displays folders, subfolders, files, and disk usage

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

The Windows NT Resource Kit includes DIRUSE which will give you disk usage by drive, folder, or sub-folders. DIRUSE displays the number of folders, files and space consumed. You can use DIRUSE to flag folders consuming more than a certain setpoint. The help from DIRUSE :

DIRUSE displays a list of disk usage for a directory tree(s). Version 1.20

DIRUSE [/S | /V] [/M | /K | /B] [/C] [/,] [/Q:# [/L] [/A] [/D] [/O]] [/*] DIRS

/S	Specifies whether subdirectories are included in the output.
/V	Output progress reports while scanning subdirectories.  Ignored if /S is specified.
/M	Displays disk usage in megabytes.
/K	Displays disk usage in kilobytes.
/B	Displays disk usage in bytes (default).
/C	Use Compressed size instead of apparent size.
/,	Use thousand separator when displaying sizes.
/L	Output overflows to logfile .\DIRUSE.LOG.
/*	Uses the top-level directories residing in the specified DIRS
/Q:#	Mark directories that exceed the specified size (#) with a "!".
	(If /M or /K is not specified, then bytes is assumed.)
/A	Specifies that an alert is generated if specified sizes are exceeded.
	(The Alerter service must be running.)
/D	Displays only directories that exceed specified sizes.
/O	Specifies that subdirectories are not checked for specified size
DIRS	Specifies a list of the paths to check.

Note:	Parameters can be typed in any order. And the '-' symbol can be
	used in place of the '/' symbol.

	Also, if /Q is specified, then return code is ONE if any directories are found that
	exceed the specified sizes.  Otherwise the return code is ZERO.
An example run on my home PC:

diruse /, /* c:\

    Size  (b)  Files  Directory
    2,147,082      8  SUB-TOTAL: C:\CanonBJ
    2,977,563    319  SUB-TOTAL: C:\etc
          216      1  SUB-TOTAL: C:\host-news.swbell.net
   28,057,341    675  SUB-TOTAL: C:\mksnt
   49,437,094    585  SUB-TOTAL: C:\NTRESKIT
   18,135,870   1324  SUB-TOTAL: C:\perl
    7,329,322     82  SUB-TOTAL: C:\pilot
    1,125,010     14  SUB-TOTAL: C:\PKWARE
  621,102,982   5414  SUB-TOTAL: C:\Program Files
        7,205     10  SUB-TOTAL: C:\RECYCLER
       20,480      1  SUB-TOTAL: C:\System Volume Information
   13,632,674     27  SUB-TOTAL: C:\technet
    7,904,521    150  SUB-TOTAL: C:\TEMP
   18,441,452     32  SUB-TOTAL: C:\Windows Update Setup Files
  301,951,076   5654  SUB-TOTAL: C:\WINNT
    1,062,634     45  SUB-TOTAL: C:\ZoneLabs
 1,073,332,522  14341  TOTAL

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