Internet Explorer Restrictions

by Wayne Maples [Published on 20 April 2004 / Last Updated on 20 April 2004]

This tip lists a set of Windows NT registry hacks which restrict Internet Explorer. If you want IE to come up without toolbars, start it via:

iexplore -k

The Registry restrictions are found under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Restrictions . Each DWORD value must be set to 1 to be enabled. To disable the restriction, set the value to 0.

 Restriction             Description 
 NoFileOpen              Disables Open command on File menu, CTRL+O, and CTRL+L. 
 NoFileNew               Disables CTRL+N 
 NoBrowserSaveAs         Disables Save and Save As on the File menu. 
 NoBrowserOptions        Disables Internet Options on the View menu (disables changing browser settings). 
 NoFavorites             No Favorites menu, adding to favorites, or organizing favorites. 
 NoSelectDownloadDir     Prevents user from being able to select download folder by not displaying the Save As dialog box when a file is downloaded. 
 NoBrowserContextMenu    Disables HTML context menu. 
 NoBrowserClose          Disable ALT+F4. 
 NoFindFiles             Disables the F3 key. 
 NoTheaterMode           Disables the F11 key.  
 Accessibility           Disables all options under Accessibility. 
 GeneralTab              Removes General tab. 
 SecurityTab             Removes Security tab. 
 ContentTab              Removes Content tab. 
 ConnectionsTab          Removes Connections tab. 
 ProgramsTab             Removes Programs tab. 
 AdvancedTab             Removes Advanced tab. 
 CertifPers              Prevents changing Certificate options. 
 CertifSite              Removes the Personal tab from Certificate manager. 
 SecChangeSettings       Prevents changing Security Levels for the Internet Zone. 
 SecAddSites             Prevents adding Sites to ANY zone. 
 FormSuggest             Disables AutoComplete for forms. 
 FormSuggest Passwords   Prevents Prompt me to save password from being displayed. 
 Connwiz Admin Lock      Disables the Internet Connection Wizard . 
 Settings                Prevents any changes to Temporary Internet Files. 
 ResetWebSettings        disables the Reset web Setting button. 

For additional information, check out Q179221

For information on IE security, see Security Management with Internet Explorer 4.0 Security issue for IE 5 are same.

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