1. ArGoSoft Mail Server

    freeware STMP/POP3/Finger server... Read More

  2. Controlling SMTP Relaying with Microsoft Exchange

  3. IA Email Server

    Commercial <li>Anti-Spam features <li>Virus Scanning support <li>Corporate Policy Rules for incoming and outgoing messages <li>Multiple Kick Options <li>Mailing list options <li>Denial of Service attack prevention <li>Relay Mailboxes <li>ETRN / ATRN SMTP store and forward support <li>Multi-IP SMTP / POP3 service support <li>Support for multiple Homed domains... Read More

  4. IIS supports Simple Mail Transport Protocol

  5. Inetserv

    freeware STMP/POP3/Finger server... Read More

  6. Inframail

    commercial email servers for any size organization... Read More

  7. Ipswitch's Imail Server

    commercial web-enabled, secure and spam-resistant mail server for Windows... Read More

  8. MDeamon Mail Server

    Commercial <li>AntiVirus Plug-in <li>Content Filter Processing <li>LDaemon LDAP Server Support <li>IMAP4 support <li>Public Folders <li>Custom Mail Queue Support <li>Automatic Gateway Creation <li>Multiple Domain Support <li>Server-Side Mail Filtering <li>Mailing Lists <li>Integration with Outlook <li>Account Restrictions <li>List Pruning <li>Inactive Account and Old Mail Purging <li>NT Account Integration <li>Account Templates <li>Account Editor <li>Update Checker <li>Reverse Lookup Verification <li>Domain Gateways <li>On-Demand Mail Relay (ATRN)... Read More

  9. Merak Mail Server

    Commercial <li>Full multi domain support <li>Security, anti spam and anti relay, antivirus options <li>Mailbox options <li>TCP/IP Protocols - SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/HTTP <li>Proxy Server <li>TLS/SSL - Secured SMTP and POP3 transfers <li>Mailing lists, list servers, executables, routes <li>ODBC support <li>Multiple CPU Support <li>Server, user, domain statistics <li>Content Filters <li>Web, command-line and GUI remote administration <li>Web mail and WAP mail support... Read More

  10. Mercury Mail Server

    freeware email server... Read More

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