Windows 8

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  1. PowerTip: Use PowerShell to show start apps

    How to find Windows 8.1 Start apps using Windows PowerShell... Read More

  2. Prevent Automatic BitLocker Encryption for Devices

    Tip explains how you can disable automatic BitLocker encryption for devices... Read More

  3. Processors that support Client Hyper-V on Windows 8

    A tip on how to determine which processors support Client Hyper-V on Windows 8... Read More

  4. Renaming the network adapter

    How to use Windows PowerShell on Windows 8 or above to rename the net adapter... Read More

  5. Set Network Adapter Power Management settings

    How to use Windows PowerShell to configure Network Adapter Power Management Settings... Read More

  6. Set printer duplex mode using PowerShell

    How to use Windows PowerShell to set duplex printing mode of a printer... Read More

  7. Several ways to add computer to a domain

    Tip explains several ways to add a computer to a domain... Read More

  8. Should I use a hybrid drive or SSD?

    A tip on whether you should buy a PC or laptop with a hybrid drive installed or a solid state drive (SSD) installed... Read More

  9. Supporting users running Windows

    A tip that might help those who support users whose PCs are running various versions of Windows... Read More

  10. Terminating problem services

    A tip on how to identify and terminate a problem service hosted by a svchost.exe instance... Read More

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