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  1. Executing a batch file in a task sequence

    A tip on getting a batch file to run in a task sequence in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)... Read More

  2. Extending the life of a laptop battery

    Some tips on how to keep the lithium ion battery in your laptop, tablet or other mobile device working well for as long as possible... Read More

  3. Failure to back up EFS key

    A tip about what you can try doing if you move a drive with EFS-encrypted files to a different computer without backing up your encryption key and certificate... Read More

  4. Find protocol binding on net adapters using PowerShell

    How to use Windows PowerShell to find which protocols are bound to your network adapters... Read More

  5. Finding and importing device drivers

    A tip on how to find and import device drivers into Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for Windows deployment... Read More

  6. Get network adapter power management settings

    How to use Windows PowerShell to get network adapter power management settings on Windows 8.1... Read More

  7. How Can I prevent Windows from restarting after applying security updates

    Prevent Windows from restarting OS after applying security updates... Read More

  8. How to clear contents of a File using PowerShell

    Tip explains how to clear contents of a file... Read More

  9. How to clear the Command History in PowerShell window session

    Tip explains how to clear the command history from the current PowerShell Window session... Read More

  10. How to disable Charms hint in Windows 8

    A tip on how you can disable the Charms hint functionality in Windows 8... Read More

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