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  1. Prevent Users from Writing to USB Drives

    Allow read-access, but prevent copying to USB drives for security reasons... Read More

  2. Registry Editing Tips

    Navigate directly to Registry keys and perform changes much quicker... Read More

  3. Remove Windows Update Requirement at Shutdown

    Prevent Windows from making you install Windows Updates at shutdown... Read More

  4. Remove “Shortcut” Text From New Shortcuts

    Simple Registry change instead of renaming all the new shortcuts you create... Read More

  5. Removing the user's root profile folder from the Start menu

    How to remove the user's root profile folder from the Start menu... Read More

  6. Respond to WINS Queries with Only One IP when Using Multiple Adapters

    Make Windows respond to WINS queries with one IP instead of all IPs of the muliple adapters... Read More

  7. Set InPrivate Filtering for Internet Explorer to Enabled by Default

    Retain the settings on all future browsing sessions, so you can always have it enabled... Read More

  8. Skip the Open With Web Service Prompt

    Select an application to open the file with quickier... Read More

  9. Speed Up the Display of Thumbnails on the Taskbar

    Make window previews on the taskbar show quickier... Read More

  10. Troubleshooting - Deleting undeletable registry keys

    A tip on how to delete registry keys that won't delete when you try and delete them... Read More

  11. Turn User Account Control (UAC) On/Off

    Toggle UAC on and off via a Registry key, in addition to the Control Panel... Read More

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