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  1. Increase Taskbar Thumbnail Size

    Make window previews on taskbar bigger... Read More

  2. Always Create Crash Dump Files

    Force Windows to create crash reports when there's less than 25GB of free HD space... Read More

  3. Remove Windows Update Requirement at Shutdown

    Prevent Windows from making you install Windows Updates at shutdown... Read More

  4. Removing the user's root profile folder from the Start menu

    How to remove the user's root profile folder from the Start menu... Read More

  5. Disable Mapped Drive Reconnect Warning

    Stop the annoying error message about unavailable mapped network drives or shares... Read More

  6. Change Network Bridge Settings

    Change the Forwarding and/or STA settings of Network Bridges in Windows... Read More

  7. Load Balancing Among Multiple Network Adapters

    Make Windows randomly distribute connections across muliple network adapters... Read More

  8. Respond to WINS Queries with Only One IP when Using Multiple Adapters

    Make Windows respond to WINS queries with one IP instead of all IPs of the muliple adapters... Read More

  9. Skip the Open With Web Service Prompt

    Select an application to open the file with quickier... Read More

  10. AutoRestartShell And Windows

    This article explains how you can use a registry entry to enable auto restart of Explorer.exe shell if it stops unexpectedly... Read More

  11. Change the Owner or Organization Name of Windows

    How to modify the names you inputted during the Windows install... Read More

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