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  1. Protecting cached credentials

    Are cached credentials protected by account lockout policy when your laptop is disconnected from the corporate network?... Read More

  2. Protecting the pagefile

    How to protect the pagefile in Windows 7... Read More

  3. Disable the Wireless Hosted Network or Virtual AP Feature

    Prevent users from knowingly or unknowingly hosting a virtual wireless access point (AP)... Read More

  4. Hiding Account Properties When a Device is Locked

    When a Windows computer is locked it will show the username of the person who locked it by default. This tip will provide a method for fixing this bad security practice... Read More

  5. Prevent use of writable CD/DVD drives

    How you can prevent users from writing to writable CD/DVD on their computers... Read More

  6. Updating a Windows Image

    Here's one method you can use for updating a Windows image that you want to deploy using MDT 2010... Read More

  7. Securing 802.1X Authentication Settings

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