Last Updated on 31 Jan. 2013, Total: 26 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Recover WEP, WPA, or WPA2 Encryption Keys from Windows

    Discover the encryption keys or passphrases stored by Windows for the Wi-Fi networks you connect to... Read More

  2. Disable the Wireless Hosted Network or Virtual AP Feature

    Prevent users from knowingly or unknowingly hosting a virtual wireless access point (AP)... Read More

  3. Hiding Account Properties When a Device is Locked

    When a Windows computer is locked it will show the username of the person who locked it by default. This tip will provide a method for fixing this bad security practice... Read More

  4. Prevent use of writable CD/DVD drives

    How you can prevent users from writing to writable CD/DVD on their computers... Read More

  5. Updating a Windows Image

    Here's one method you can use for updating a Windows image that you want to deploy using MDT 2010... Read More

  6. Securing 802.1X Authentication Settings

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