Last Updated on 22 Sept. 2015, Total: 27 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Encrypting Windows and Entire Volumes

    Protect your entire system, including documents, passwords, and browsing history... Read More

  2. Hiding Account Properties When a Device is Locked

    When a Windows computer is locked it will show the username of the person who locked it by default. This tip will provide a method for fixing this bad security practice... Read More

  3. Non-admins and ActiveX controls

    How to enable non-admins to install ActiveX controls... Read More

  4. Prevent use of writable CD/DVD drives

    How you can prevent users from writing to writable CD/DVD on their computers... Read More

  5. Preventing installation of per-user applications

    How to prevent the installation of per-user applications on Windows 7 computers... Read More

  6. Protecting cached credentials

    Are cached credentials protected by account lockout policy when your laptop is disconnected from the corporate network?... Read More

  7. Protecting the pagefile

    How to protect the pagefile in Windows 7... Read More

  8. Recover Passwords for Dial-up or VPN Connections

    Run this utility to retrieve passwords stored for Dial-up or VPN Connections... Read More

  9. Recover WEP, WPA, or WPA2 Encryption Keys from Windows

    Discover the encryption keys or passphrases stored by Windows for the Wi-Fi networks you connect to... Read More

  10. Removing pre-approved ActiveX controls from Internet Explorer

    How to remove pre-approved ActiveX controls from the whitelist of “safe for installing” controls found in Internet Explorer 7 and later... Read More

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