Last Updated on 22 Sept. 2015, Total: 27 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Warn about potentially harmful links

    A tip on how you can cause a warning message to be displayed when a user tries to click a link in a message in Microsoft Outlook... Read More

  2. Enabling Windows Firewall audit logging

    How to enable audit logging for Windows Firewall with Advanced Security... Read More

  3. Troubleshooting - Can't install application with UAC enabled

    A tip on how to troubleshoot a problem where a certain application won't install when User Account Control is enabled on the computer... Read More

  4. Non-admins and ActiveX controls

    How to enable non-admins to install ActiveX controls... Read More

  5. Removing pre-approved ActiveX controls from Internet Explorer

    How to remove pre-approved ActiveX controls from the whitelist of “safe for installing” controls found in Internet Explorer 7 and later... Read More

  6. Using BitLocker to securely store data in the cloud

    Here's a tip how you can use BitLocker to securely store data on your Windows 7 computer using a cloud storage platform like Windows Live SkyDrive... Read More

  7. Enabling PMK Caching for Roaming on 802.1X Networks

    Speed up roaming between APs when using WPA2-Enterprise security... Read More

  8. Configure Your Wireless Router via Windows 7

    Quickly setup security with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)... Read More

  9. Encrypting Windows and Entire Volumes

    Protect your entire system, including documents, passwords, and browsing history... Read More

  10. Disabling Action Center

    How to disable the Action Center in Windows 7 and when you might want to do this... Read More

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