Last Updated on 22 Sept. 2015, Total: 27 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Capture Passwords via Your Network Adapter

    Use this sniffer to listen to your network connection and capture any passwords that pass through... Read More

  2. Configure Your Wireless Router via Windows 7

    Quickly setup security with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)... Read More

  3. Disable the Wireless Hosted Network or Virtual AP Feature

    Prevent users from knowingly or unknowingly hosting a virtual wireless access point (AP)... Read More

  4. Disabling Action Center

    How to disable the Action Center in Windows 7 and when you might want to do this... Read More

  5. Discover Passwords Stored by Your Router

    Run your router's backup configuration file through this utility to see what passwords can be recovered... Read More

  6. Enable Basic Auth for WebDAV on Windows 7

    How to enable support for Basic Authentication for WebDAV on Windows 7... Read More

  7. Enable Sharing of the Administrative Share in Windows 7 or Vista

    Allow access to the C$ share of Windows 7 or Vista... Read More

  8. Enabling PMK Caching for Roaming on 802.1X Networks

    Speed up roaming between APs when using WPA2-Enterprise security... Read More

  9. Enabling Windows Firewall audit logging

    How to enable audit logging for Windows Firewall with Advanced Security... Read More

  10. Enabling standard users to write to the root folder

    Can you enable standard users to write to the root folder C:\\ in Windows 7? Should you?... Read More

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