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  1. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Issues

    Checklist for fixing Wi-Fi connectivity problems... Read More

  2. Reduce Wasted Bandwidth on a VPN with Split Tunneling

    Prevent Internet traffic from flowing through the VPN... Read More

  3. Setup VPN Server in Windows Vista or 7

    Setup incoming PPTP VPN connections... Read More

  4. Understanding Network Location Types

    Recognize the differences between the Network Locations you can choose for networks you connect to... Read More

  5. Require Login to Access Shared Folders

    Require users to enter a username and password when accessing shared folders... Read More

  6. Hide and Disable HomeGroup

    Prevent the HomeGroup prompt after connecting to a new network and hide the shortcut from windows... Read More

  7. Disabling wireless connections when Windows 7 is connects to a LAN

    A utility you can use to disable wireless connections when a Windows 7 computer is connected to a wired LAN... Read More

  8. Pre-mapping network drives

    How to map a network drive when the share you need to connect to isn't available... Read More

  9. Transfer Wireless Network Settings via USB Flash Drive

    Use Windows Connect Now (WCN) to export and import your Wi-Fi settings... Read More

  10. Display Error Statistics on the Network Connection Status Window

    Show errors in addition to the amount of sent/recieved packets... Read More

  11. Create a Wireless Hosted (Virtual) Network

    Using Microsoft's old VirturalWiFi feature, you can create a virtural wireless access point (AP)... Read More

  12. New Netsh WLAN Commands in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

    Review the new wireless networking commands for this command-line utility... Read More

  13. Change IP Address of Wireless Hosted Network

    Modify the default IP of for the virtual Wi-Fi access point (AP)... Read More

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