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  1. Avoiding problems when mapping drives

    A tip on how to avoid problems when creating mapped drives on Windows computers... Read More

  2. Change IP Address of Wireless Hosted Network

    Modify the default IP of for the virtual Wi-Fi access point (AP)... Read More

  3. Configuring a secondary DNS server from the command line

    How to configuring a secondary DNS server on a client computer from the command line... Read More

  4. Create a Wireless Hosted (Virtual) Network

    Using Microsoft's old VirturalWiFi feature, you can create a virtural wireless access point (AP)... Read More

  5. Disabling wireless connections when Windows 7 is connects to a LAN

    A utility you can use to disable wireless connections when a Windows 7 computer is connected to a wired LAN... Read More

  6. Display Error Statistics on the Network Connection Status Window

    Show errors in addition to the amount of sent/recieved packets... Read More

  7. Don't throw out that hub!

    Why you should think twice about throwing out those old Ethernet hubs once you've replaced them with shiny new Ethernet switches... Read More

  8. Enable Network Mapping on Domain and Public Networks

    Enable viewing of network map in the Network and Sharing Center... Read More

  9. Forcing computers to use the local Offline Files cache when online

    How to force client computers running Windows 7 to access files from the local Offline Files cache instead of the share on the server even when the client computers are on the network... Read More

  10. Hide and Disable HomeGroup

    Prevent the HomeGroup prompt after connecting to a new network and hide the shortcut from windows... Read More

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