Troubleshooting missing task sequences in Windows Deployment Wizard

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 24 March 2011 / Last Updated on 17 Dec. 2009]

How to resolve the issue of no task sequences being displayed when the Windows Deployment Wizard runs on the target computer.

You have several task sequences created in your deployment share and they are visible in the Deployment Workbench. However, when you boot a target computer using a LTI boot image and walk through the pages of the Windows Deployment Wizard, the Select A Task Sequence To Execute On This Computer wizard page has no task sequences displayed on it. What could be wrong?

Possible reasons for this happening are as follows:

  • The value of DeployRoot is incorrect or cannot be found on the network.
  • You are booting the target computer using an LTI boot image of one architecture (e.g. x86) while your task sequences are configured for deploying Windows of a different architecture (e.g. x64).
  • You have DVD or USB media with MDT deployment files on it inserted into the target computer.

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