Suppressing the Network Location Wizard after LTI deployment

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 11 May 2011 / Last Updated on 11 April 2010]

This tip explains how you can prevent the Network Location Wizard from being displayed after an LTI deployment that joins the target computer to the domain.

When you use MDT 2010 to deploy Windows 7 to a target computer and automatically join the target computer to the domain, the Network Location Wizard may be displayed when the user first logs on to the computer. This Wizard provides the user with a choice between setting the default network location as either Home, Work, or Public.

If configuring the NetworkLocation setting in your answer file does not allow you to prepopulate the network location and thus prevent this wizard from being displayed, try adding the following Run Command Line step at the start of the State Restore group in your task sequence:

reg add HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network\NewNetworkWindowOff

Adding this task sequence step will create the following registry key on the target system:


The presence of this registry key on the target computer will disable the Network Location Wizard for all users on the computer.

Note that the Network Location Wizard is not displayed if the target computer is deployed into a workgroup however.

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