Opening Command Prompts at Your Current Location in Windows 7

by Chris Sanders [Published on 30 March 2011 / Last Updated on 31 Jan. 2010]

If you are a command prompt junkie then one of the most useful features you can have is the ability to open a command prompt window from your current working directory in Windows Explorer. This required a separate download in previous versions of Windows, but with a special trick it’s a bit easier in Windows 7.

Some system administrators prefer to do everything in the GUI, but even those folks will find themselves delving into the command line from time to time to get things done more efficiently. Whether you are a casual command line user or a full blown addict, being able to open command prompts at will from your current working directory within Windows Explorer can be a real time saver.

In previous versions of Windows you could enable this functionality by tweaking the registry. In Windows 7, the feature is already there but does not appear in the standard context menu. In order to access this option, simply hold the shift key when you right click on a folder in Windows Explorer and select Open Command Window Here.

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