How to sync time in Windows PE

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 21 Aug. 2012 / Last Updated on 21 Aug. 2012]

How to synchronize the time in Windows PE with an authoritative source.

You have Windows PE 3.x running and you want to sync the time with your deployment server so there won't be any time zone differences for the WinPE phase in your MDT logs.  How can you do this?

Try running these two commands from your WinPE command prompt:

Net use \\server_name\ipc$ /user:domain_name\user_name *

Net time \\server_name /set /y

Substitute appropriately for server_name, domain_name and user_name.

Mitch Tulloch is a seven-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award and widely recognized expert on Windows administration, deployment and virtualization. For more tips by Mitch you can follow him on Twitter or friend him on Facebook.

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