Changing the Location of the Indexing Database

by Chris Sanders [Published on 22 June 2011 / Last Updated on 30 June 2010]

This tip demonstrates how to change the location of the Windows indexing database and why you might want to do so.

The indexing database in Windows hosts contains a mapping of all of the files within the operating systems reach and where they are located on disk so that they may be searched and accessed faster. This database grows as the amount of data it is indexing grows and because of this you may want to migrate it to another location such as to a dedicated data partition.

In order to move the indexing database simply type Indexing into the Windows 7/2008 Server search box and select Indexing Options. From here you should see the current location of the indexing database displayed. You can change this by clicking the Select New button and choosing the new location. Once you have completed this you should restart the indexing service and the migration will be complete.

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