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  1. Displaying user profile in Explorer

    A tip on how you can get Windows Explorer to open by default to the root folder of your user profile... Read More

  2. Enabling event logging for Internet Explorer

    How to enable event logging for Internet Explorer... Read More

  3. Excluding folders and files in Start menu searches

    A tip on how to exclude specific folders or the file store in your Start menu searches... Read More

  4. Finding 32-bit Control Panel utilities on 64-bit Windows

    How to find 32-bit Control Panel utilities on a 64-bit Windows installation... Read More

  5. How to disable aero preview

    How to disable the preview of multiple windows when you mouse over an icon on the task bar... Read More

  6. How to duplicate a task sequence

    Here are the steps you can perform to make a duplicate copy of a task sequence in MDT 2010... Read More

  7. How to search within files in non-indexed locations

    A tip about how to search within files in non-indexed locations on a Windows 7 computer... Read More

  8. How to sync time in Windows PE

    How to synchronize the time in Windows PE with an authoritative source... Read More

  9. How to wipe a hard drive using Diskpart and Format

    Explains how to wipe a hard drive using the Diskpart and Format commands... Read More

  10. Identifying reference computers by MAC address in MDT 2010

    This tip describes how you can identify your reference computers by their MAC addresses so that you can capture an image of these computers... Read More

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