Last Updated on 20 March 2013, Total: 60 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Troubleshooting location-aware printing

    How to troubleshoot inability to enable location-aware printing in Windows 7... Read More

  2. Preventing Windows from searching online for device drivers during deployment

    How to prevent Windows from searching online for device drivers during deployment... Read More

  3. Repairing a corrupted icon cache

    How to repair the icon cache in Windows 7 if icons are not being properly displayed... Read More

  4. Configure taskbar shortcut to open user profile by default

    How to configure the Windows Explorer shortcut on your taskbar to open your user profile by default... Read More

  5. Analyzing Slow Startup and Shutdown using Event Viewer

    How to filter for events that provide detailed information about startup and shutdown of Windows services... Read More

  6. Excluding folders and files in Start menu searches

    A tip on how to exclude specific folders or the file store in your Start menu searches... Read More

  7. Preventing Windows Update reboots

    How to prevent a Windows 7 system from rebooting after installing updates that require a reboot... Read More

  8. Troubleshooting: Installing a legacy device

    An example of how to resolve an issue where a legacy device having a Windows Vista driver won’t install properly on Windows 7... Read More

  9. Temporarily disable hibernation for laptops

    How to temporarily disable hibernation when you close the lid of your laptop... Read More

  10. Troubleshooting: Laptop wakes when not in use

    How to troubleshoot an issue with a laptop waking from hibernation and overheating in its carrying case... Read More

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