Troubleshooting: Moving a Deployment Share to a Remote Site

by Mitch Tulloch [Published on 8 March 2012 / Last Updated on 8 March 2012]

How can you make sure MDT 2010 deployments still work if you move your deployment share to another site?

Problem: You are using MDT 2010 installed in a virtual machine on Hyper-V to deploy Windows 7 to target machines at headquarters.  You've finished deployment there, and your next deployment job is at a branch office of the same company. So you export your MDT 2010 virtual machine to USB drive and take that drive to the remote site where you import it into a Hyper-V host at that location.  You spin up the VM and try deploying Windows from it but it doesn't work. What went wrong?

Solution: Assuming you haven’t defined any applications in your image that refer to UNC paths, the only thing you will need to change is the path in the Bootstrap.ini file so that target computers can locate and authenticate with MDT 2010.


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