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  1. Getting HP drivers for MDT deployments

    How to get HP drivers in a form you can use for MDT deployments... Read More

  2. Installing Windows 7 SP1 using MDT 2010

    Tip on installing Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 (once it becomes available) using MDT 2010... Read More

  3. Identifying 16-bit applications that won't run on 64-bit Windows

    How to identify 16-bit apps in your current environment that won't be able to run when you migrate users' computers to 64-bit Windows 7... Read More

  4. Disable F8 during LTI install

    How do prevent users from opening a WinPE command prompt during LTI install using MDT 2010... Read More

  5. Configuring a static IP address using MDT 2010

    A tip on how you can configure a static IP address using MDT 2010... Read More

  6. Adding desktop icons during deployment

    How to add desktop icons such as Computer or Network to a target computer's desktop during deployment... Read More

  7. The Windows Virtual PC alternative to upgrading

    If you have a Windows Vista computer and are considering doing an in-place upgrade to Windows 7, you might want to follow the approach described in this tip instead... Read More

  8. Using Vista answer files with Windows 7

    Can you use answer files created for Windows Vista to perform unattended installs of Windows 7?... Read More

  9. Troubleshooting an empty task sequence page in Lite Touch wizard

    You are trying to deploy Windows using MDT 2010 using LTI but the task sequence page of the wizard is blank. Why?... Read More

  10. Changing the name of your MDT server

    If you change the name of your MDT server then you need to do a few other things to make your deployments continue to work... Read More

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