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  1. Registry setting not applied during deployment

    This tip provides updated info concerning an earlier tip about a registry setting not being applied during deployment when a task sequence runs in MDT 2010... Read More

  2. Using MDT 2010 in a Group Policy environment

    How to resolve common issues when deploying Windows 7 using MDT 2010 in a production environment where Group Policy will be applied to the target computers... Read More

  3. Configuring IE home page using MDT 2010

    Here's a tip from a reader about configuring the Internet Explorer home page when deploying Windows 7 with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010... Read More

  4. Troubleshooting: Moving a Deployment Share to a Remote Site

    How can you make sure MDT 2010 deployments still work if you move your deployment share to another site?... Read More

  5. Installing MDT 2010 on Windows 7

    Can you install Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 on a Windows 7 computer and then use this computer to deploy Windows 7 to other computers?... Read More

  6. Troubleshooting: Reg.exe command in MDT task sequence not applied when deploying 64-bit Windows 7

    How to resolve a problem where a reg.exe command in an MDT task sequence is not being applied when deploying Windows 7 x64... Read More

  7. Copying a deployment share from lab to production environment

    Here's a tip on how to successfully copy an MDT 2010 deployment share from your lab environment to your production environment... Read More

  8. Prevent opening a command prompt window in Windows PE

    This tip describes how to prevent opening a command prompt window in Windows PE... Read More

  9. Adding a version to a master image

    How to add a version number to a master image for deployment... Read More

  10. Getting Lenovo drivers for MDT deployments

    How to get Lenovo drivers in a form you can use for MDT deployments... Read More

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