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  1. Add New Hardware Wizard in Windows 7

    How to launch the Add New Hardware Wizard in Windows 7... Read More

  2. Printing from Windows 7 to Windows XP in a workgroup

    How to print from a Windows 7 computer to a Windows XP printer in a workgroup... Read More

  3. Customize the Command Prompt in Windows 7

    Change the look and feel, command history preferences, and edit options, including the useful QuickEdit Mode... Read More

  4. Display Administrative Tools on the Windows 7 Start Menu

    Administrators can get quick and easy access to their tools on the Start Menu... Read More

  5. Troubleshooting: KMS server is not reporting the correct number of KMS clients

    How to troubleshoot a problem where your KMS server is not reporting the correct number of KMS clients on your network... Read More

  6. How To Compress using Command Line tool?

    This article explains how you can use Compress.exe, a command line tool, to compress files on Windows Computers... Read More

  7. Enable GodMode for a Supercharged Control Panel

    Quickly access tasks and settings via this advanced control panel view... Read More

  8. Querying Event Logs Using Wevtutil

    Now that Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 have significantly more powerful logging capabilities there is a great need for tools to better extract information from these logs. One such tool is called Wevtutil... Read More

  9. Enable the Built-In Windows 7 Administrator Account

    Enable the default Administrator account and set a password... Read More

  10. Process Monitor versus Process Explorer

    Process Monitor and Process Explorer both have a lot in common. This tip gives a brief outline of how they are different and what tasks each on does... Read More

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