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  1. Forcing re-evaluation of computer group membership

    How to force re-evaluation of computer group membership after the user has logged on... Read More

  2. Checking activation status in Windows 7

    Describes a quick way to check the activation status of a Windows 7 computer... Read More

  3. Enable GodMode for a Supercharged Control Panel

    Quickly access tasks and settings via this advanced control panel view... Read More

  4. Use Problem Steps Recorder to Better Remotely Troubleshoot

    End users can replicate the problem and send you a report with screen shots and info... Read More

  5. Getting Msg.exe to work on Windows 7

    How to get Msg.exe to work on Windows 7... Read More

  6. Replacing the Explorer Shell in Windows 7

    How to replace the Windows Explorer shell in Windows 7 with another shell... Read More

  7. Managing local Group Policy on standalone computers

    How to manage local Group Policy on standalone computers in a workgroup environment... Read More

  8. Running Disk Cleanup hidden

    How to run the Disk Cleanup utility hidden from the user's view... Read More

  9. Querying Event Logs Using Wevtutil

    Now that Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 have significantly more powerful logging capabilities there is a great need for tools to better extract information from these logs. One such tool is called Wevtutil... Read More

  10. How to ensure defragmentation occurs on Windows 7

    Here's how you can make sure that Windows 7 defragments the computer's hard drive regularly... Read More

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