1. Restrictions on local user names

    There are certain names you shouldn't try to use when creating a new local user on a Windows 7 computer... Read More

  2. How to prevent users from installing Windows XP Mode

    A tip on some ways of blocking users from installing Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 computers... Read More

  3. Disabling Online Help in High-Security Environments

    How to prevent Windows Help from prompting users to download help from the Internet in high-security environments where Internet access is tightly controlled... Read More

  4. Local admin accounts vs. the default Administrator account

    What’s the difference between the local Administrator account in Windows 7 and a new user account you create on the system that belongs to the Administrators local group?... Read More

  5. Change the Registered Owner in Windows

    Registry change lets you modify the registered name and organization... Read More

  6. Differences how environment variables are resolved when using RUP

    This tip explains a difference between Windows 7 and Windows XP in how environment variables are resolved when logging on using a roaming user profile... Read More

  7. Add Shared Printer as a Local Printer

    Having problems browsing to or adding a Network Printer? Try adding it as a Local Printer... Read More

  8. Quickly Add a Shared Printer to Your Computer

    You don't have to use the Add a Printer wizard... Read More

  9. Customize the Command Prompt in Windows 7

    Change the look and feel, command history preferences, and edit options, including the useful QuickEdit Mode... Read More

  10. Display Administrative Tools on the Windows 7 Start Menu

    Administrators can get quick and easy access to their tools on the Start Menu... Read More

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