1. Disable F8 during LTI install (updated)

    This is an updated tip on disabling F8 during light touch deployment using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit... Read More

  2. Disabling Online Help in High-Security Environments

    How to prevent Windows Help from prompting users to download help from the Internet in high-security environments where Internet access is tightly controlled... Read More

  3. Disabling automatic termination of programs blocking shutdown

    Here's a tip to reduce helpdesk calls due to the "Programs still need to close" screen in Windows Vista and later... Read More

  4. Display Administrative Tools on the Windows 7 Start Menu

    Administrators can get quick and easy access to their tools on the Start Menu... Read More

  5. Easily create a record of all PowerShell commands and associated output

    How to create easily a record of all Windows PowerShell commands typed in the Windows PowerShell console, and the output associated with those commands... Read More

  6. Enable GodMode for a Supercharged Control Panel

    Quickly access tasks and settings via this advanced control panel view... Read More

  7. Enable the Built-In Administrator Account in Windows Vista & 7

    By default the Administrator account is turned off, but you can enable it and set a password... Read More

  8. Enable the Built-In Windows 7 Administrator Account

    Enable the default Administrator account and set a password... Read More

  9. Enabling Hibernation in Windows Vista and 7

    The hibernation feature goes one step beyond simply putting a system to sleep, but configuring this isn’t as easy in Windows Vista and 7 as it has previously been. This tip will show you how to enable it... Read More

  10. Enabling/Disabling Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep in Windows Vista & 7

    By default, Hibernation is disabled in Windows Vista & 7, but here's how to turn in on... Read More

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