Virtual Platforms

Last Updated on 2 April 2008, Total: 7 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Sysprepping and VM Additions

    Sysprepping virtual machines that have VM Additions installed... Read More

  2. Resizing a VHD

    How to expand a virtual hard drive... Read More

  3. Disabling System Speaker Output from Virtual Server

    The type of beep a virtual machine can push out from a virtual server is something that you may be dying to disable. This is how you do it... Read More

  4. Using the Virtual Server built-in DHCP Server

    The Virtual Server built-in DHCP server is something not everybody knows about, and it can make your virtual server administration that much easier... Read More

  5. Fixed Size vs. Dynamically Expanding Virtual Hard Disks

    Dynamically expanding virtual hard disks seem like the obvious choice when setting up a virtual machine, but when is this not such a good idea?... Read More

  6. Determining Memory Requirements for Virtual Server

    When planning for a Virtual Server deployment there are a few extra considerations to think about when determining your memory requirements... Read More

  7. Using Virtual Server Security

    Knowledge of configuring user access to Virtual Server is something that no virtual network administration should be lacking... Read More

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